“It is those of His servants who have knowledge who stand in true awe of God”

Q: Al-Fāṭir, 28

With the bar being set at the Isle of Wight, this year’s walk was much anticipated. Sights were casted towards Hastings as it offered a unique and exciting experience in both scenery and physicality. With its steep inclines, fresh streams and woods, along with breath-taking views of the coastline, this walk was one for the hikers and photographers alike!

The Route


The walk began at the rendezvous point, the telecom tower, going on towards the cliffside of Hastings and through Glen Woods, and finally onto East Hill, the end point. The walk, as expected, was both beautiful and challenging. Dinner of freshly made haddock and chips, prepared by a local business, was served at the end point, before it was time to depart for home.

Theme of walk: Reflections from Surah al-Fatir

“Say, ‘Consider those “partners” of yours that you call upon beside God. Show me! What part of the earth did they create? What share of the heavens do they possess?’ Have We given them a book that contains clear evidence? No indeed! The idolaters promise each other only delusion.”



Along the way were regular stops made for nasheeds, Qur’an recitation and Qur’anic tafseer (exegesis) by our resident teachers Ustadh Saquab Ashraf, Ustadh Thaqib Mahmood, Ustadh Ibrahim Harvey and nasheed artists Al Birru Wa Taqwa.

The theme for this year’s walk was reflections upon the meanings found in Surah al-Fatir (Q35). It addresses the central Qur’anic theme of the power and sovereignty of God over His creation. He is Al-Fatir, the Creator, and everything that we experience, every blessing and trial, is a manifestation of His wisdom and creative might. This surah focuses particularly on the ayat (signs) that are all around us, which God uses to teach us about His existence and attributes. One of the distinctive aspects of this surah is the sustained theme of the bounties that God has placed in the world and the necessity of thanking Him for them. This is contrasted with the futility of seeking help or benefit from anyone, or anything, besides Him.

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