Lulworth Cove 2017 (Saturday 8th July 2017)

1. Where will the coach depart from and at what time to leave for Lulworth Cove? 

Coach will depart from Friends House, NW1 2BJ at 10.00am. All participants must arrive promptly.

2. Can I arrange my own transport?

Due to logistical concerns and other factors on the day, this will NOT be possible.

3. Where will the coach drop us off in London AFTER the walk and at what time?

The aim is to leave Lulworth Cove at 7pm and return back to London between 10.30-11pm inshAllah. The coaches will drop participants off at Friends House, Euston, NW1 2BJ. Please note that the given times are approximations and may change depending on conditions on the day.

4. Is the trip for CEI students only?

Not at all! The trip is open to ALL.

5. What do I need to bring with me on the walk?

Participants should come appropriately dressed with walking boots, a large scarf (to sit on if need be), umbrella and waterproof coat in case it rains, and a good camera! Please bring water to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the walk, and snacks to keep your energy up.

6. Are children allowed to attend?

There is no pushchair access on the walking route and it is therefore not advisable to bring young children. Older children are welcome to attend, but please note that they will be required to pay a full price ticket.

7. Will food be served?

Dinner (fish and chips) will be provided after the walk.

8. What is the itinerary for the day?

The itinerary with a map of the route can be found here.

9. Can I get a refund?

Please note that after the 19th June it will not be possible to get a refund.

10. What if it is raining on the day?

Bring an umbrella and raincoat and we will continue as planned!


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